Welcome to my virtual reality workshop

This is a space for my VR projects, experiments, and prototypes.

I love virtual reality.

VR is the most exciting thing to happen to interface design since the introduction of the GUI in 1973. It opens up entirely new design perspectives and considerations that we are just beginning to understand.

I am a down-and-dirty hacker and maker - I research, sketch, design, and code many different virtual reality projects spanning from tools to games.  Some are small, some are big, but all of them are incredible learning experiences.

Being able to quickly express design intention in VR through rapid prototyping and code-self-sufficiency allows me to convey ideas and assess whether or not they are worth pursuing sooner rather than later.  Whether it's getting stakeholder buy-in, user testing, or pure 'will this even work?' style inquiries, the fast iterative cycles I practice are proving a powerful tool for VR.

I also teach VR design and give talks/workshops on VR. If you'd like to schedule me to speak at an event you are hosting, please contact me via the form below.

Jan's Jubilee

Virtual Reality Memory Viewer

Udacity VR 

VR application for udacity's vr nanodegree

Light SabeVR

Virtual Reality jedi Trainer

VR Developer Nanodegree

Teaching VR Design

Interface Design in Virtual Reality


Sharing VR Creations with the World


Creating a 1:1 Development Workspace for VR

VR Resource/Tool

Music VRisualizer (work in progress)

Explorations of personified music in virtual reality

Trace (work in progress)

VR coordination and relaxation

Let's talk!

If you have met me in person, you know I love to talk.  

Give me an excuse to chat, I dare you.

Thank you!

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