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Trace VR

A relaxing 3-D tracing and coordination experience

Trace is a three dimensional line following experience for the HTC Vive.  What started out as an idea for a game mechanic quickly evolved into an act of meditative task completion.  The goal is simple - follow the line, catch up to the ball, repeat.

This is a work in progress, and this page will change to reflect updates as they are released.  

In collaboration with Jared Lodwick.

Next up in this project, an exploration of user interfaces for the experience. (see sketches below)

Expect to see the full version of this experience on Steam in early September.

Check out the work in progress.

Next Steps - UI

Starting and stopping the experience

Sketches of the concept for starting the experience by grabbing the type of experience you want to have.

Creating a progress display

Sketches for potential progress indicators which fill and deplete depending on how close a user is to the lead ball.

Creating an interface to customize the experience

A sketch for a system which allows users to change the experience by making the tail longer or shorter, or adjusting the speed of the ball.  Users can also select from the three defaults available when they begin the experience.
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