Cisco Spark

Reimagining mobile collaboration in the workplace.

During my time at Carnegie Mellon's Human Computer Interaction Institute, I lead a team of UX designers consulting with Cisco Spark.

For 8 months, we investigated, designed, and prototyped a vision for what digital collaboration could look like in ten years.

Afterwards, I joined the Spark team full time to help them push the first production release of Cisco Spark to the public.

Much of the work done for this product is under an agreement wherein I cannot share the work online.  If you would like to hear more details about the product or the way that I work, please contact me.

The Future of Digital Collaboration

I lead a team of designers on a mission to research, design, and propose solutions to making remote workers more effective. We were tasked with looking five years in the future, and what software/hardware would come into play in those future workplaces.

Phase One: Research

The research phase of this project involved collecting information via surveys, interviews, field-observations, literature review, and competitive analysis. During the research phase me and my team tried get an understanding of the problem space as supported by the data, rather than assumptions.

Phase Two: Prototyping the future, today!

The second phase of the project involved creating a conceptual prototype of what the future of digital collaboration in the workplace could be. We created over 6 iterations of various concepts over the course of this three month phase. Prototypes had us putting projectors on rooms, teleporting video feeds around buildings, and more. Each phase was tested with potential end users, and revised based off of what we learned through observation and post-interviews. To hear more about this process, please contact me.

After project delivery, I joined the Cisco Spark team.

The Cisco Spark team needed a designer to help build the first release of their product, and they brought me on as a UX Designer.  

I worked on many features/aspects of Cisco Spark's mobile platform including video conferencing interfaces, product onboarding, and search. I was also the lead designer for the windows desktop native platform for Spark.  

During my tenure at Cisco spark, I pushed for user research, developing awesome personas, and conducting usability tests on our product. Much of my work at Cisco cannot be shared online.  If you would like to hear more about this work please contact me.

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