I'm Austin.

I am a Realist.

I'm Austin.

I am an Experience Designer.

I’m Austin.

I am a Builder.

I’m Austin.

I am a Fun Maker.

Nice to meet you.

I am a Product Designer and Developer based out of San Francisco.

My passion is designing experiences that leave the screen, and touch the world around us.

Whether it's enabling construction workers to do their job more safely, settling an argument about where to eat, or allowing people to paint the world around them, I design software that engages in an active conversation with people's real life experiences.

Leading the charge into unusual applications of tech and tackling new design problems is kind of my thing.

Check out some of my work!

Selected Work

There's a whole world out there. Here are some examples of how I work with it.

Paint Space AR

Paint Space AR is a mobile creativity application that lets people paint in midair.

Paint Space was the most downloaded AR entertainment app on iOS in 2017, and was named by Apple as one of the best apps of 2017. I was the sole designer and developer.

Eat Roulette

Eat Roulette is a tongue-in-cheek answer to the age old dillema of deciding where to eat. With the push of a single button, Eat Roulette will tell you where you are going to go next, and guide you there with turn by turn directions. Eat Roulette is currently undergoing beta testing and is slated for release in 2018.


At Parsable, I codesigned a multi-platform system for creating, managing, and completing procedures in blue collar environments. This first iteration of this product went into production in industrial environments in 2015.

Additional Work

I love to make things. Below you will find additional work I've done ranging from products to fun experiments.

If you want to see more products.

No worries, I've got you covered. Here's some more examples of products I've worked on ranging from collaboration tools to interfaces for the elderly.

If you want to see more VR goodness.

Here's a selection of articles I've written, products I've produced, and prototypes I've worked on - all in the VR space.

If you want to see more experiments.

Here's a handful of experiments I've worked on - each fun and useful in it's own way.

Let's talk!

If you have met me in person, you know I love to talk.  

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