About me.

Hey there!

I am a UX and VR designer/dev based out of San Francisco, CA.

My undergraduate background is in interactive sculptural new media, and I have a Masters degree in Human-Computer Interaction from Carnegie Mellon University.

I have a strong background in product design and have worked with many companies to help them better define their product vision, and to execute effectively on their software products through a combination of workshops, interface design, prototyping, user testing, and research.

I am currently employed by Udacity, creating educational design content for people hoping to work in virtual reality.

In my spare time, you can find me creating virtual reality experiences, art installations, or tech experiments, and talking nonstop about all of them.

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Some things I do that you may like

Guide Companies to Success

Under my recommendations (and those of my team members), I have helped two startups (Parsable, and Revel Pittsburgh) better understand their user's needs, and pivot their products to gain traction.

Understand my Users

I have loads of experience researching and designing for different types of user groups.  To date I have successfully designed for 60-90 year olds, children with autism, blue collar field workers, museum goers, doctors, office-jockeys... the list goes on!

Have Fun

I like to make sure that the work stays fun.  I am a huge proponent of happy hours, midday walks, and offsite activities.  You can't buy back eight hours a day you spend doing something you don't enjoy, so I make sure to bring fun along with me on any project.

Get my Hands Dirty

I don't just talk about building things, I actually get in there and make them.  Having an understanding of code enables me to work on individual projects more successfully, and allows me to work closely and effectively with developers on any team.

Make Everyone a Co-Designer

Working in a silo is a recipe for heartache.  My design process involves bringing in all the stakeholders as early as possible to decrease the amount of churn on any project.  I find that the more smart people you can tap along the road to completion, the more robust your finished product will be.


I am an expert load-balancer for projects.  Design does not exist in an alternate reality where time stops, trees bloom in sans-serif, and birds chirp out hex codes.  Design exists in the real world, where a million things are competing for a team's time and energy.  Making calls about which pieces of a design are most important and how to phase the implementation of them so that the journey from MVP to v1 is smooth, is critical to actually creating a great product rather than dreaming about one.

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